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What is a Brand?

Updated: Dec 12, 2021

As you build your business you must think of your company as a living breathing thing. There are many examples of company's that have great brands, let's talk about the attributes of some brands.

Can you name a brand that has personality?

There are millions of companies on the planet and there are probably thousands that you know and can recognize immediately. Mostly because of media and the over saturation thereof. Regardless of this fact there are #brand that have personality and a core belief system that you have brought into for one reason or another. These companies have tapped into the psyche of a brand have left an indelible mark in your mind. Remember a brand is not created overnight, it has to be nurtured and groomed daily, weekly and consistently by every member of the team. If your team doesn't believe in the brand they will never be able to sell the brand to the public and the public will never notice the brand.

Listen to your Brand

The 8 components of your brand:

  • Description - who is your business, what do you bring to the table and for whom? "Foundationally" your brand should stand for something and be etched in the minds of your customers and competition. Do not oversell it or over complicate your message. Make sure it is simple and clear like your logo. Introduce what your brand stand for immediately so everyone knows your mission.

  • Principles - Your core values are the most important part of your brand. They are the ideals that your company stands for. No matter what product or service you provide, you will be known for your daily business practices. How will you represent your principles to your consumers?

  • Guarantee - What promises are you making your customers. Can your staff reflect those guarantees? Does that message show up in your marketing and services? Your guarantees should flow with you principles and create experiences that make consumers happy to do business with your company.

  • Uniqueness - This is the businesses identity — its core essence. Your brands uniqueness is an amalgamation of components that speak to your promises and principles comprised of symbols, colors and fonts. A well-developed and designed brand will help create memories, that will impress customers for year to come. What's in your brand? If your brand is not doing these things, you may want to revisit the design and principles.

  • Distinction - This sets you apart from your competition. What makes you different, how do you stand amongst your competitors? Can a consumer pick your product out in on a shelf or rack? What is your company's special propose and how do you communicate it in your marketing and advertising? When your brand holds a special place in the consumers’ minds, and they will remember you forever.

  • Market Focus - This is your price points and quality of merchandise or services. This is what you are offering, and the value of that offering as it measures to your competition. Define your quality and price points based on service, value, location and how you stand up to the competition. Focus on your market and position your company to support that mission.

  • Messaging - Your tagline, mission statement, guarantee statement, marketing messages, and marketing images. Your messaging strategy is an important part of building your brand. Your lure is how you brand’s personality emotes messages and reaches consumers. How does your brand make people feel?

  • Experience - What are your customers take aways? How do they see your, how did they feel when they got home, how did the staff treat them, did you really listen to they problem and did you solve their problem? The opinions of your customers matter and how we address them will become your advertising. So make sure that the quality and performance of your offerings, as well as the process of interacting with your company, is strongly aligned with your branding.

Let's talk about how we can help you build a #brand you and your consumers can be proud of!



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