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Having trouble building your website?

We understand your pain!


It can be frustrating learning how to build a website while you growing your business.

Let us carry that burden and get your website up and running so you can continue to be the expert in your field.


We seek to help your business grow by creating a great visual presence. We do this by developing memorable logos and designing websites with great user experiences. Our goal is for your clients to remember your brand and share it with their colleagues. Let us create a vision of your company that people see value in and want to do business with!

Did you hire someone to design your logo and you thought it was great?

Only to find out that you only received 1 version of your logo, and it is a low resolution version, now you cannot reach the designer.

When we design a logo we provide multiple versions and a guide so you understand how and when to use each version!


Your brand is what makes you different from your competitors. But your brand is not just your logo or website. It is how you and your staff represent the company. It is the attention to the details and the customer service you provide day in and day out.  We can help you look the role, but you have to be your brand, daily! Visit our Marketplace Profile and see how we represent our clients!


Maria Furman

My Testimonial

I had the pleasure of meeting Mr. Sid Washington of Moor Graphix a few short weeks ago. I hired him because I wanted someone with proven skills to build my website for a new company named in honor of my dear parents, who had passed away. Sid came into the project intuitively, deciphering what I wanted and needed. Sid provided helpful tidbits on the project and offered outstanding information for me as a new business owner. He was always courteous and professional, constantly reassuring me that my questions and need for further assistance were no bother. The culmination of these varying aspects of his business acumen made the experience of working with him a delightful experience as a customer because he constantly gave of himself. If you want to work with someone of integrity, knowledge, and quality craftsmanship, Moor Graphix is the one-stop shop you need.

Angel W. Martinez

My Testimonial

Hey guy’s I’m extremely pleased with the website Sid the owner of Moor Graphix created for my company, he is very talented a great person to work with I plan to hire him for my future endeavors for my company Thank You Sid🙏!

Rhonda Thomas

My Testimonial

Moor Graphix is the leader in design. As a professional vocalist I am very particular about my brand and my image. Moor Graphix has designed my 6 album covers, website, and flyers for over 20 years. I appreciate their ideas and creativity. It is a blessing to be able to work with a company that can help expand your ideas and give you a stellar product. 5 stars for temperament, professionalism, timeliness, and value. Moor Graphix is unmatched.

Lakeisha Finney

My Testimonial

Great work. Took the time to walk me through the process, suggested ideas and welcomed my questions. I'm so happy with the end product.