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What's my Logos' Worth?

Updated: Oct 6, 2022

When starting a new business or just beginning you marketing journey, it is imperative that your branding is solid and speaks to you brand values. What value do you place on hiring someone to create your logo? What is your company and it's vision worth? What is the difference between a $50 logo design and a $450 logo? How much will you spend on building your website?

We all know that economics play a huge roll is building a business and sometimes we need to cut cost. Just remember the investments you make should have visible returns. If your logo and or website is executed properly you will immediately see the evolution of your brand. A well developed brand will have stature and will represent your mission, vision and speak directly to your customer.

Don't look at the cost of a logo or website, look at what you will receive for the price, look for the quality of that product and how it represents your company. Always make sure what is promised is delivered. Look for the same quality and service you provide to your customers. We don't always get it right 100% of the time, but it is the attempt that matters. The saying, "you get what pay for", is right. But, furthermore I say "you get what you pay for, and then you have to pay more!" Ask yourself this question; Do I want to pay less now and hope I can do it better later? Or do I want to invest in something that will grow because it's built on a strong foundation?

It's your business and you have to decide, is it worth it?


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