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METHODOLOGIES, why we do what we do!

Our design methodologies at Moor Graphix are hard to define because they change from project to project. Some projects are simple and just need a facelift.

This scenario just means that all the groundwork has already been done,

and we just need to put the pieces together. Then, there are the times in

which we have to build the project from the ground up, taking facsimiles of

thoughts and crumpling them together to build from its chaos.

However, there are some formulas we use in order to achieve our goals

in designing for our clients. The first thing we do is plan the approach, which

start with defining the client’s goals. With that in mind we begin any project

finding the facts, this is the research phase, matching names to colors and

colors to symbols, searching for a common denominators. The next task is

to research the particular areas of concern or need (target market, focus

area, product, service, etc.). Applying the knowledge we gained, we begin to

build sketches, drawings to flush out ideas and concepts. These crude

structures of thumbnails and storyboards assist in the creative process.

Continuing to develop concepts thoroughly and always keeping the

client in the process also assists in the area of time management. With

the concepts developed and key items in place, finding complimentary

associations is just a matter of plugging in the researched material. This

helps to keep the project on course and in focus with the needs of the

client. After gathering all pertinent information and the process of applying

the association in a symmetrical format using various principles

we present the completed ideas for approval at which time we produce

facsimiles (mock-ups) of what the finish project may look

like. After crucial feedback we move to the next step whether it be

to create more samples or begin the layout phase to move to the

print or publish phase.


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